Healthcare Professional In-Service

POWELL would like to build a coordinated program with your rehabilitation team to help facilitate positive patient outcomes moving them towards community re-entry and independence. We offer an array of Prosthetic and Orthotic In-services tailored to fit your rehab team's needs. 

We are always open to hosting your team for a facility tour, showing how prosthetic and orthotic devices are constructed as well as seeing how our state of the art Omega CAD.  If there are other subjects you are interested in please do not hesitate to call so we can customize your In-service program to fit your team's needs. Please contact our office at +1 (804) 649-9043 or email for more information.

Educational In-services include: 

  • Post Surgical Residual Limb Volume Management via removable rigid dressings and shrinkers.
  • Prosthetic components overview and applications going into further detail on socket designs, suspension, prosthetic feet, and prosthetic knees types.
  • Below knee alignment properties both static and dynamic alignment.  In addition, we can overview components.
  • Above knee Prosthetic alignment properties both static and dynamic alignment. In addition, we can overview components.
  • Proper Socket fitting techniques for total contact, suction, sock regulation, and gel liner systems
  • CAD Technology hands on approach to create and manipulate computer aided design sockets via PC 
  • Upper Extremity Prosthetics Component and fitting review for body powered and myo-electric control
  • Prosthetic Prescriptions Bringing together patient functional levels and appropriate components 
  • Amputee Skin Care Discussion on amputee hygiene and skin care
  • Orthotic services overview review of custom and OTS products and devices.