Amputee Mentoring

Joe Sullivan was diagnosed with Cancer in his lower left limb resulting in a below the knee amputation in 1970 at 6 months old.  At the age of one he received his first prosthetic limb from Powell O&P, attending Children’s Hospital in Richmond, Va. for his Rehabilitation. 

Joe’s expertise as a Certified Prosthetist at Powell O&P, Paralympic Athlete and Lifetime Amputee makes him unique to Richmond.  His vast knowledge on all fronts can help new amputees and their families answer those tough questions posed pre and post amputation.     

Powell O&P  feels the first meeting with the amputee could be one of the most important.  That meeting should be personable and informative educating the amputee to help contribute to a more positive outcome.

Amputee education plays a vital role in facilitating positive patient outcomes progressing them towards community re-entry and independence.  We believe in a team approach with the Physician, Physical Therapist, Social Worker, Nursing staff, and family to facilitate a positive environment for the new amputee.