Prosthetic Process

Our process begins with you. We meet several times, and each time we are together, we strive to be more than practitioners. Our goal is to fit you with a device you need for the life you want. So, now that you have a prescription from your physician, our process begins. Each appointment takes about one hour. Here’s how our process works:

Appointment One:

What is your mobility? Your strength? What are your goals? We take a history, get to know you, and give you information on financial policies and review your prescription. If we are able to, at this appointment we’ll take your measurements, a cast or a digital scan. We also schedule your second appointment for about a week later. Please also refer to our PATIENT FORMS section, to review the forms and items necessary to bring to your first appointment.

Appointment Two:
The Diagnostic Fitting

Before you come to your second appointment, please bring a pair of matching shoes you wish to wear with your prosthesis and wear loose fitting pants or shorts. This is where you get to try things out and walk, stand and move around with a prototype of your new device. Our prototype or “check socket” is a clear plastic molded design that you put on so we can “check” to make sure it’s fitting comfortably for you. We show you how the product works, how to move, how to maneuver. From this, we’ll make adjustments, or do new measurements to ensure it is fit for you. We’ll also schedule your third appointment.

Appointment Three:
The Final Fitting

Like a final fitting, we will fit and align your new device. We will also provide instructions for wear and maintenance: proper donning and doffing, sock fitting, gel liner applications, and hygiene. Additionally, we’ll discuss your wearing schedule tailored to your abilities, so you can improve usage and comfort in with your new device. Hospital patients may be fit in the clinic or physical therapy where the prescription was issued. We’ll schedule a follow-up appointment for one week later.

The Follow-up Appointments

We are here for the lifetime of you and your POWELL products. After one week, we’ll ensure the fit and alignment are still fitting properly with you and how you are using the device. We’ll schedule appointments for your three-month and one-year marks as well. We recommend visiting POWELL every six months, and as body and mobility changes occur, so we can ensure your device still fits both you and your lifestyle.


Note: This schedule is guide. Methods may vary slightly from patient-to-patient. As we proceed through the appointments and follow-up visits, please let us know about any medical problems, changes to medications, changes to you physically, or other conditions that can affect fit, adjustments and device options.